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Wagyumafia Opens Its First International Outlet in Hong Kong, Presenting Exquisite Omakase Dining.



Founded by self-taught chef-turned-wagyu expert Hisato Hamada and entrepreneur Takafumi Horie, Wagyumafia was created following a series of private dinner pop-ups around the theme of wagyu. The duo later launched their first members-only restaurant, The Wagyumafia, in Tokyo in 2016.

Wagyumafia is now open in Hong Kong, the first branch outside Tokyo. The 18-seat Hong Kong restaurant is located in Oi Kwan Road, Wan Chai. Intimate and exclusive, Wagyumafia serves an omakase menu specialising in Japan’s world-renowned beef. While Wagyumafia operates as a members-only restaurant, non-members can experience a pared-down menu featuring select signature dishes. Membership is available for a one-time fee of HKD 1,000 and includes exclusive benefits and privileges, from access to all Wagyumafia outlets and butcher service to priority booking, invitations to pop-ups and limited cuts of Champion-grade Kobe. Membership applications are available online through Tock reservations system.

The members-only Hong Kong tasting menu presents pedigreed wagyu and Kobe beef sourced from hand-picked Japanese farmers. The tasting menu includes Wagyumafia’s world-famous Wagyu Chateaubriand Cutlet Sandwich comprising an extravagantly thick, panko-fried filet set between lightly toasted Japanese milk bread and complemented with a special house-made sauce. The omakase experience showcases both traditional and unconventional Japanese cuisine prepared with Wagyumafia’s signature flair. Gyoza, a dish of pan-fried dumplings filled with 100% Ozaki beef seasoned to perfection, is complemented with a house-made ‘Wagyusco’ hot sauce, comprising Kanzuri (fermented chili paste with koji, yuzu and salt), habanero peppers and soy sauce.

The Josper Grilled Steak is intended to preserve the exceptional flavours of the Ozaki rib steak with a simple sear over binchotan charcoal. The steak is then rested on a bed of Maldon sea salt after cooking for 30-45 minutes. The salt seasons the steak and removes excess moisture and burnt fat to offer the purest, most intense flavours. The dish is then served with the house-made umami-rich ‘mafia’ salt, freshly ground black pepper, stone-ground sansho pepper and pickled sansho pepper for a punch of tingling spiciness.

Wagyumafia Hong Kong
Shop 1B, Guardian House, 32 Oi Kwan Road, Wan Chai