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Hakkasan Crafted Innovative and Iconic Signature Cocktails Exclusively for Jakartans

At the opening last month, The Peak had the opportunity to stop by the bar and taste some of the sophisticated cocktails crafted using Hakkasan’s innovative mixology recipes such as the Hakkatini, which blends orange oil washed Ketel One vodka, brandied orange liqueur, Campari, with cloudy apple juice, and The Hakka, which popular across the globe, combining Japanese Nihon shu with Ketel One vodka, and tropical flavours of lychee liqueur, lime, cream of coconut and passion fruit. These two cocktails are described as the Character collection, which are the signatures of Hakkasan.

One of the classic cocktails that are synonymous with Hakkasan is the Smoky Negroni, an innovative twist on the humble Negroni cocktail finished with a spritz of Ardbeg mist to enhance its smoky aroma. This classic twisted cocktail that described as the Strength and Grace collection is the most prolific and iconic cocktail at the restaurants.

While these signature cocktails remain on the menu throughout the year, the Only At Jakarta collection celebrates the imagination and invention of Hakkasan’s bartenders in Jakarta, introducing a new range of cocktails twice a year. Refreshing cocktails exclusive to Hakkasan Jakarta location include Corn & Pepper, Ginger Thyme, Long Yin, Smoky Fuchow, Truffle Bo Luo, and Winter Solstice, where each cocktail is inspired and influenced by a different story.





Corn & Pepper

The cocktail blends Sichuan peppercorn with aromatic bitters and wood smoke to give the woody flavour and a touch of spice, mix with the sweet taste from Bulleit Bourbon and Balinese rice wine.



Smoky Fuchow

This refreshing cocktail is made by combining Plantation dark rum and sake with lapsang souchong tea and Angostura bitters to give the smoky and earthy taste, blends with the refreshing touch from cranberry, lemon, and lime, then garnished with blueberry.



Truffle Bo Lou

This cocktail that featured a very savoury ingredient, truffle oil, washed with 1800 silver tequila, clarified pineapple juice, pandan, and dash salt, is unexpectedly delicious, sweet, and balanced with a strong aroma from the truffles.